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Nepomuk, Czech Republic
The real Czech Republic is here!

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The hotel U Zeleneho stromu, Nepomuk, Czech Republic
 Unforgettable holidays in the Czech Republic

If you want to see more in the Czech Republic than ordinary package tours offer you, to live at the hotel, which was built in 1909, to drink beer and enjoy the Czech cuisine in the real Svejk restaurant, which is belonged to the owner of this brand, so this website is for you!

We offer you the holidays in the Czech remote place,in a historical hotel, which name is "U Zeleneho stromu"("At the green tree") and fascinating tour program around Czech.

With us you can see not just ordinary Czech, but you can taste it! Right at the hotel there is a legendary "Svejk Restaurant", where you can find the freshest beer from the nearest well-known breweries..

The hotel U Zeleneho stromu  The hotel "U Zeleneho stromu"( "At the green tree")

Dear guests! We will be glad to see you at the hotel "U Zeleneho stromu", which is located on the historical square in the city of Nepomuk, motherland of Saint Jan Nepomucky.

We invite you to stay at recently reconstructed hotel, located in the ancient building. For a very low price (noticeably lower than in a capital city) you will live in very good and comfortable conditions! In the hotel there are 62 places in single, double, family rooms and suite. In our 3-star hotel all the rooms are well-equipped, in each room you can find the TV set with 20 channels and free Internet.

Staying in our hotel, you can enjoy not just the magnificent local sights and visit surrounding castles, but also you can visit other Czech cities, including using our tour program.

Svejk Restaurant Svejk Restaurant

Svejk Restaurant provides you not only with delicious lunch and dinner, but also with the atmosphere of old Czech restaurants. You as if, move 100 years ago, in times when people had more time to gather with their friends at the table, drink a mug of beer from Plzen and discuss all the news and gossips.

Just one fact reminds you that you are in present time - the beer Pilsner is not served in wooden barrels, and in addition to the classic dishes of Czech cuisine, the menu includes dishes of international cuisine.

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Nepomuk, Pilsen Region, Czech Republic
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