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Отель У Зеленого Дерева, город Непомук, Чехия
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This form allows you to book a room in "U Zeleneho Stromu", hotel in the city of Nepomuk, Czech. After receiving your reservation we will contact you for more details of your order, payment options and confirmation of the booking. The information in the form fields marked by (*) is required.

Payment options
Two methods of payment are possible:
- a prepay by a bank wire transfer and;
- a payment by credit card or cash at the hotel's front desk.
During the peak (busy) season and holidays the rooms availability is limited. Prepay in the amount of 10-20% is mandatory during this period. Payment details are provided after order confirmation.

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Additional information:
please, inform us in the case you want to book tour program, to spend honeymoon at the hotel or your other wishes.

After booking and payment, you will receive a voucher confirming the reservation. If you want to view the voucher details, click on the picture:

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