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Czech Republic. Information about the country.

Czech Republic, Prague

Czech Republic - is one of the most popular European tourist destination of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. This is a tourist destination, which is often visited not once, but regularly. The Czech Republic is attractive to completely different people - by age, income, and life values. So what attracts our countrymen in Czech Republic? We can highlight a few points:

Sights and architecture. Located in the heart of Europe and with a rich history, the Czechs managed to save its cities from the destructions of war in 19-20 centuries. Now tourists can admire ancient squares, mysterious Gothic cathedrals, beautiful bridges and other country's landmarks. Czech Republic - is a country which has something to admire not only in the capital, but even in small towns. To make sure of it, visit our city of Nepomuk. Eleven Czech monuments listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and many more are candidates. The nature of the Czech Republic also has very clear lakes, fast flowing rivers, forested mountains, all this makes the country more attractive for tourists. Our recommendations on what to visit in the Czech Republic, you will find in the "Excursion" section.

Romance. Czech Republic - it's a great place to make a proposal of marriage, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or just to revive the family relationship. Special romantic atmosphere is everywhere. The old architecture, cozy cafes and a large number of sweet couples from all over the world create special atmosphere.

The low prices. Of course, after joining the European Union in the Czech Republic prices were increased, but, nevertheless, the Czech Republic is still one of the cheapest European destinations. In most Czech restaurants and cafes especially in the Czech province lunch will cost less than in large Russian cities. So if you are going to the Czech Republic by yourself, we recommend you our hotel, "U Zeleneho Stromu" in Nepomuk.

Beer! The glory of Czech beer is booming all over the world. Many people come to the Czech Republic firstly in order to drink real traditional beer. Even Czech beer brands that manufacture under license in Russia, differ a lot from the original. This is verified by experience of many beer lovers.

Czech Republic, Prague. St. Vitus Cathedral

Now, some useful information for tourists..

Czech cuisine
The Czech Republic is a travel destination, here you can find dishes to suit all tastes - from fast food to Chinese food. But tourists are usually primarily interested in dishes of Czech cuisine. The most popular local dishes such as dumplings, veprove koleno, wild game pate, onion or garlic soup. Dumplings are quite different in taste and form, and it is a flour or potato dish cooked in water. Dumplings - a dish quite not for everybody, but you should try them. Dumplings are served as a garnish to a meat dish or soup, and, most of all, with the sauce. Do not be surprised if, together with sauce on the plate you will find a little jam or sweet milk cream. "Baked Veprove koleno" - is a roasted pork shank. Most often, this dish weighs about 1 kg and it makes sense to book it for a company. And, of course, every meal is accompanied by a beer in the Czech Republic. But it is another pair of shoes…:)

Treatment in the Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic you can not only relax, but also improve your health. Throughout the country there is a large number of sources of mineral water and mud. In total there are 37 cities and resort destinations! The most popular Czech spa is Karlovy Vary - it's 79 springs of healing waters and plant of famous herbal liqueur "Becherovka" .Here you can treat diseases of the digestive tract and the musculoskeletal system, metabolic, and even cancer. Teplice - Czech Republic's oldest resort with luxurious spas in which they treat vascular, neurological diseases and mental disorders, Marianske Lazne - the resort with a beautiful park, here they treat diseases of musculoskeletal system, kidneys and urinary tract infections, respiratory system diseases, gynecological diseases, and more.

Welcome to the Czech Republic!!

If you are planning to travel to the Czech Republic on your own, we offer you the services of our hotel our accommodation and excursion programs.

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