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Отель У Зеленого Дерева, город Непомук, Чехия
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Excursions around the Czech Republic

We offer you not only accommodation in a comfortable hotel "At the Green Tree" in the old city of Nepomuk, but also a rich program of excursions around the Czech Republic cities. Depending on the length of your stay in the Czech Republic, we can offer you several types of tours "From Nepomuk in all directions", designed for 7, 8 and 9 days.

Of course we have an opportunity to create your individual sightseeing tours, for this please contacts us.

Visit with us the golden Prague and the largest cities of southern and western Czech Republic! During this trip you will see the Czech Republic from different sides. You will find yourself in a living maelstrom of big cities and sense their contrast with the serenity of the Bohemian Forest and the beautiful nature of the southern and western Czech Republic.

Экскурсионные туры в Чехию. Прага

Экскурсионные туры в Чехию. Карловы Вары

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