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Hotel U Zeleneho Stromu
Nepomuk, Czech Republic
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Отель У Зеленого Дерева, город Непомук, Чехия
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Hotel "U Zeleneho Stromu"

Hotel "U Zeleneho Stromu" is located in the town of Nepomuk (the birthplace of Czech Republic's national saint, Jan Nepomucky). The hotel is situated on the central square of the city, that's why its history is connected tightly and richly with the history of Nepomuk.

Hotel "U Zeleneho Stromu" 3* Superior will glad to see you in its comfortable rooms. At the hotel there are 62 places, there you can find single, double, family rooms and suites. In all rooms there are cable TV sets, coffee tables and seating areas. Free wired Internet and free Wi-Fi in public areas are provided. In the bathrooms you can find hairdryer and toiletries.

Right at the hotel you can find the traditional ?vejk Restaurant with traditional Czech cuisine and beer! Also there is a cafe with great variety of Czech dishes and international cuisine.

At the hotel you can find free parking. Accommodation with pets allowed! Near the hotel there is a cashpoint, hairdresser's, tennis court, open swimming pool, playground for children.

The beautiful scenery of Sumava and Brdy in the surroundings of Nepomuk are ideal for walking and cycling. In 2008 the hotel was awarded a certificate as the hotel with best cycling facilities.

Our original tour program will help you to learn better other Czech towns from well-known Prague and Karlovy Vary to less explored by tourists Plzen Brewery and Sumava National Park.

We are always glad to see you in our hotel!

Hotel U Zeleneho Stromu, Nepomuk, Czech Republic

Hotel U Zeleneho Stromu, Nepomuk, Czech Republic, lobby

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