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Nepomuk town. Nepomuk's attraction

Nepomuk - is a picturesque city with more than 3,500 inhabitants , located in the ecologically clean area , 35 km south- east from the city of Pilsen, on the international highway E49 ( Karlovy Vary - Plzen - Czech - Budejovice).

Nepomuk was formed by the merger of two separate settlements - Pomuka and Prshesnitse which were on an important trade route . Residents were engaged in craft, trade, mined gold and silver. In 1413 Nepomuk became a town . At that time, this made it possible to hold annual fairs and brew their own beer, which was an important factor in the economic development of the city.

City (then the settlement Pomuk ) is known for the fact that in 1340 was born Jan Nepomuk. He received a good religious education , in 1380 he became a priest , studied law, received a bachelor's degree and then a doctorate. In 1389 he was appointed as a Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Prague . Czech King Wenceslas IV, ruling at that time, defended the priorities of the secular power . So he constantly had conflicts with the religious leaders, interfered in the internal affairs of the church , believing that his chief opponent was the Prague Archbishopric. In 1393, after the meeting with Archbishop, V?clav IV gives the orders to arrest and imprison his retinue, including Jan of Nepomuk. Later, everyone is released but the vicar-general who is brutally tortured and ultimately thrown into Vltava river in a bag from the Carlov Bridge. The murder of Jan Nepomuk makes a public resonance and leads to the overthrow of the King V?clav IV from the throne. A popular legend says that the King V?clav IV ordered to murder Jan of Nepomuk, vicar-general of the Archdiocese of Prague, because vicar did not agree to break the law of confession and give out the queen's secrets. According to this legend, John of Nepomuk was considered a saint and a patron of lovers as well as The Saint Valentine.

This statue of Jan Nepomuk you can see on the Carlov Bridge in Prague:

Jan Nepomuk

Also on the square of Nepomuk you can see the sculpture dedicated to the Saint:

Jan Nepomuk, sculpture in Nepomuk

At the spot where the saint was born, now is The Church of St. John of Nepomuk , which you can visit. It was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1736 - 1738 respectively, and renamed from the wooden church of Svateho Jana Krtitele.

Church of St. John of Nepomuk

Also you can visit the Church of St. Jacob, built in the 12th century in the Gothic style and remodeled in the years 1290-1295 .It stood in the center of the former village Prshesnitse and was used first as a fortress. There is a church of St. Jacob that worth a visit as well. Built in the 12th century in the Gothic style and remodeled in the years of 1290-1295, it was situated in the center of the former village Prshesnitse and initially was used as a fortress.

Church of St. Jacob

In the city, there is a Green Mountain hill with the eminent castle built on it. The castle is erected in Baroque and Neo-Gothic style in 1720 and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1994. The church is made in the form of the pentagonal star symbolizing the five stars above the head of St. John and is currently a place of pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage Church on the Green Mountain g.Nepomuk

The city has a museum that exhibits the XV - XIX centuries wrought and locksmith products intended for John of Nepomuk, which are considered a collection of arts and crafts.

Hotel "U Zeleneho Stromu" offers its guests bicycles for rent to explore the surrounding area. For the convenience, the bicycle routes are designated with the restriction of vehicle traffic .In the area around the Modrava region of Sumava National Park there are forest roads that pass at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. It is no exaggeration to say that in these places is a paradise cycling.

Just for hikers, there is a vast number of treks and trails that connect the best historical and natural attractions.

Fishing lovers can spend time with a fishing rod near the lake where they can catch a carp and other fish.

Welcome to Nepomuk!!

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