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Prague. Prague Sights

Prague. Carlov Bridge

Prague - is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic. The first mention of Prague you may find in the early Middle Ages. This city has a rich history,many myths and legends. Prague -is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist cities in Europe. Here, almost every building is a work of architectural art.

The main sights of Prague

There are lots of attractions in Prague, so much that even their simple listing takes a lot of pages, so here we will call only those places that simply must visit every tourist.

The Carlov Bridge - the bridge over the river Vltava, connects areas of Mala Strana and Star? Mesto. Beautiful bridge with gorgeous views. Built in the Middle Ages, and it has 30 sculptures. According to legend, from the Carlov Bridge was dropped Jan of Nepomuk - one of the most respectful saints in the Czech Republic.

Stare Mesto with the Old Town Square and the Town Hall, where in the 15th century famous around the world Astronomical Clock Prague, were installed.

Mala Strana one of the most beautiful areas of Prague, with a lot of palaces and gardens.
St. Vitus Cathedral
Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) - the residence of Czech kings and presidents, the largest castle in the world.

St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrala svateho Vita) - a magnificent, extraordinary beauty of the Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral. It is located in the Prague castle territory.

Vaclav Square - is one of the largest squares in the world, the center of the New Town (shopping and business center of Prague, with plenty of shops, hotels and cafes. From this place starts the most of the tours around Prague. On the square is a monument of St. Vaclav (Pomnik svateho Vaclava), the Czech prince, who is the heavenly the patron saint of the country. In one of the shopping malls in the square you can see a parody statue of St. Vaclav, where he sits ahorse the upside-down dead horse, hanged from the ceiling.

Josefov - the medieval Jewish ghetto block with synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery. In this block is worth paying attention to the town hall, which is equipped with a clock with two dials - the usual and the Jewish. Old New Synagogue, the oldest in Europe full of legends and next to the cemetery, where in a small piece of land, buried more than 200 thousand people in 10 levels.

Gunpowder Tower (Prasna Brana) - is a beautiful tower, which began to be built in the 15th century and once used as a gunpowder warehouse. On the tower is an observation deck.

Zizkov Television Tower a tower height of 216 meters, famous for figures of "creeping" babies . The tower has a restaurant and observation deck.

Dancing House (Ginger and Fred) building in the style of deconstruction, present a dancing couple. Is an office building, the roof of which is a French restaurant with a beautiful view on the city.

Prague Zoo - is large and modern. Exposure of animals is very rich. There are indoor and outdoor pavilions. Most pavilions arranged so that there are no visible barriers, cells and fences.
St. Vaclav monument
Besides the above you will be able to visit in Prague, a large number of Catholic churches, museums, gardens, dancing and singing Krizikova fontana , Petrin Observation Tower, which is the likeness of the Eiffel and even a museum of sex machines.

Restaurants and pubs
The density of restaurants, cafes and pubs in the capital of the Czech Republic is high. In areas favored by tourists food places are located at every step. Prices are very democratic but, as a rule, a little higher in places where tourists constant than in the suburbs. Almost all the restaurants and pubs hang out information about the prices of basic food (and sometimes for the whole menu) at the entrance, so to understand the price level is quite easy. Many brewers brew their beer. We recommend visiting "New Town Brewery" (Novomestsky pivovar), where you can learn the methods of brewing and enjoy a tasting kit, consisting of different kinds of beer.
The size of the tip - is about 10%. In some places, if the sum of money is seemed larger than expected, it's worth checking an account, the tourist can be shortchanged there sometimes.
In Prague, also a lot of Chinese, Vietnamese and other ethnic cuisine restaurants, and even well-known fast-food restaurants (McDonalds, KFC, etc.), but in our opinion, it is the sacrilege to stay in Prague and to eat Vietnamese noodles and burgers, not dumplings and Veprove koleno with a mug of the most delicious beer in the world!

The main kinds of transport in Prague - are trams, buses and metro. More often, the most convenient means of transportation is just a tram, as tramway network is well developed. The fare on public transport is carried out by coupons to be purchased in advance. Talon is composted and then valid for a certain time (depending on the value of the coupon). In Prague metro, there are no turnstiles at the entrance, you need to punch card and watch the time.

Weather in Prague
Prague is located in the transition zone climate where the climate changes from marine to continental, which provides a mild winter and warm, sometimes quite hot summers. The average annual temperature in Prague is +9 ° C. Extreme cold in winter - a rarity, for example, in January the average temperature is -4 ° C. The average temperature in August is +24 ° C. Rainiest months, when it is desirable to have an umbrella handy - it's May, June and August.

Map of Prague

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Prague - it's a beautiful, romantic and welcoming city, having been in that you just don't want to go back! Welcome to Prague!

If you are planning to travel to the Czech Republic on your own, we offer you the services of our hotel and accommodation. From the city of Nepomuk to Prague is not more than 120 km. If you decide to visit the Czech Republic by car, you can easily overcome this distance on their good Czech roads, or to visit Prague and other Czech cities you can use our tour programs.

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