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Отель У Зеленого Дерева, город Непомук, Чехия
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Svejk Restaurant

Svejk Restaurant, Nepomuk town, Czech Republic

At our hotel "U Zeleneho Stromu" there is a national restaurant Svejk, that belongs to the owner of this trademark.

A beer with a slight bitterness, delicious aroma of a stew from the kitchen, the old monarch, strictly looking down from the portrait and other beautiful portraits with carved wooden panels is there to reproduce the atmosphere of the pubs one hundred years ago. Now you can plunge into this atmosphere!

Although the restaurant was opened only in 2002, everything here looks as if taken directly from the books of Jaroslav Hasek. The taste of beer here is as good as it was in the beginning of the last century, and the beef tenderloin in a traditional cream sauce prepared according to the same recipe at the time of Schweik.

For large companies and celebrations Svejk restaurant can offer Hasek hall for 25 people with a very cozy interior and comfortable chairs. In this room we can create the right atmosphere for the companies - to organize a presentation, seminar or conference. At your disposal there is a projection screen and the ability to darken the room.

Hall Hasek - is the ideal place for family celebrations. Our staff will help you to decorate the room in festive style. In the hall there is a private entrance. We also take care of your children's comfort, for them we have a special children's chairs.

Welcome to our restaurant, where the elderly feel young, and the young feel like in a fairy tale!

Besides Svejk restaurant in our hotel there is a coffee shop, the interior is decorated in the style of Art Nouveau. Our cafe - is a great choice for those who want to enjoy breakfast or lunch quietly, meet with friends in a smoke-free atmosphere. The atmosphere of peace enhanced by paintings with views of the surrounding area of Nepomuk, drawn at the beginning of the last century. We will offer you a wide selection of Czech and international cuisine. Caf? is ideal for family gatherings, celebrations, weddings and other events with the number of guests to 40.

Svejk restaurant, hall Hasek

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